History of Chanel

Chanel is a brand of strong individuality. The design sense is a work to be able never to mimic.
Coco Chanel who was the initiator in Chanel was born in the 19th century. The difference is not in the immovable, state-of-the-art location of Coco Chanel even if surely born in the age when though it seems to have been spoken well that it was too early that she is born for 20 years. The brand of Chanel greatly becomes popular for about ten years also in Japan ago since now. At that time, the whole body was popular in Chanel to call the person who had been dressing up Chanel fan. The age when is still first class in the brand of Chanel though left popularly after a large boom like abnormality. Chanel doesn’t separate woman’s feelings firmly gripping it. It is a brand that can amuse people of each collection. There is a story of a deep history in this Chanel. I want to talk about the history from Coco Chanel’s birth to Chanel since Karl Lagerfeld.
Gabriel Chanel is born on August 19, 1883 in the relief hospital of the French southwest department Thaw mule as the second daughter of the peddler of father Albert Chanel, mother, and Jeanne [dou;vo-ru]. (alias Coco)
Mother in Gabriel Chanel dies at the age of 12 at that time in 1895. It also is thrown away also by father, and it will be entrusted to the orphanage with elder sister [juria].
It enters the aunt in Gabriel Chanel, [adoriennu], and the boarding school in Moulin at the age of 17 at that time in 1900.
At that time, Gabriel Chanel works with the midinette of the clothes shop at Moulin at the age of 18 in 1901.
It meets illegitimate child of the person of the bank and British Arthur [kaberu] in 1909.
The hat shop Chanel mode was opened to 21 by investing [kaberu] according to [kanbon] of Paris at the age of 27 at that time in 1910. This age and Gabriel Chanel develop into Arthur Kapell and love relations.
The first mode boutique was opened in the French northern part [do-viru] mainstreet by investing [kaberu] at the age of 30 at that time in 1913. The place is [gonto-] billon street. The skirt etc. of the design that did not squeeze the jacket and the waist of the open-necked shirt style besides the hat were displayed there. And, sporty clothes were made by using the tricot ground, and a marine suit of Chanel appeared here.
The maison de couture is opened in Biarritz that it is 33 years old, and is resorts at that time in 1916.
Clothes of the jersey material called popular among American women, and clothes of Chanel were published, and this age began and was published in the [ha-ba-su] bazaar magazine.
At that time, Gabriel Chanel announces perfume, Chanel No.5, and Chanel No.22 at the age of 38 in 1921.
It was interested in the one of the Russia style because of the influence of the Dimitri archduke who was the other party of love of recent, and the smell of Russia drifted in the mode to which the fur and embroidery, etc. were taken.
The [parufan] Chanel company (perfume company in Chanel) is established with Pierre [verutaima-] who is the partner in 1924. It assumes the position of the president.
The unisex mode of Chanel is announced, and a black dress becomes popular in the mode field in 1925.
At that time, the shop is moved to 31 according to [kanbon] at the age of 45 in 1928.
Chanel suit of the tweed material was announced, and the one that had been specially woven in Scotland was used as for tweed at this time.
Chanel No5 sales become the good in the worlds in 1929.
The work, that is, 28,000 points was announced in year in every country in the world at the age of 52 at that time in 1935. The number of employees of Chanel reaches 4,000 people, and becomes a Chanel golden age.
The perfume is left by the outbreak of World War II with the accessories section at the age of 56 at that time, and the shop is closed according to [kanbon] in 1939.
After liberating Paris, Coco heads for Geneva on August 25, 1944.
When that famous Marilyn Monroe slept at the age of 67 at that time, it became year when the maxim said sleep putting on No.5 of Chanel had been left in 1950.
At that time, maison is opened again after an interval of 71 years old and 15 years in 1954. Chanel suit is announced again, and the comeback collection becomes a feature of each fashion magazine of the United States.
Gabriel Chanel wins the mode and the Academy Award in 1955. The standard in this age and Chanel and the matelasse bags are born.
Shoes of the bi-color were announced at the age of 74 at that time in 1957.
Perfume Chanel No.19 and pool [mushu-] were announced at the age of 87 at that time in 1970.
Sudden death of Coco Chanel on January 10, 1971. The life was quietly shut for 87 years.
It becomes year when eau de toilette and the crystal were announced in 1974.
Skin-care cosmetics and cosmetics etc. of Chanel are put on the market in 1975.
The pret-a-porter specialty and the Chanel boutique were started in 1978 in every country in the world.
Karl Lagerfeld that assumed the position of chief designer in Chanel in 1983. The shop is opened secondarily per 42 Montaigne Main Street. Gardenia and [bowa] [de] Jill were announced in the perfume.
The perfume that mourned for Coco Chanel was announced in 1984. The perfume is Coco.
The watch boutique is opened in 1987. The place becomes a Montaigne Main Street.
The women’s list watch and Mademoiselle are announced, and the egoist is announced in men’s eau de toilette in 1990. And, they were made to [o-pu] it the watch boutique. the place It becomes a Van dome plaza in Paris.
The jewelry collection of Chanel is announced in 1993.
A women’s list watch and the matelasse are announced in 1994.
Chanel became popular, and it became a Chanel fan boom in a Japanese market in 1995.
A women’s perfume and [aryu-ru] are announced in 1996. This perfume was made for young women.
The tote bag of the mouton becomes popular in a Japanese market in 1997.
Future bag 2005 was announced in 1998.
The founder travel line of the item for the travel and the nylon material is announced in 1999. The chocolate bar matelasse bag was announced at the same time.
The chief designer and Karl Lagerfeld in Chanel come to Japan to Japan first in 2000.
The 2003rd year becomes the age of Karl Lagerfeld on the 20th designer assumption anniversary.
The Ginza shop opened on December 4, 2004.
The CC mark of the python print appears in standard [kanbonrain] and it becomes a topic in 2005.
Coco talked so. Wisdom and modesty are elegant. arms and dress of the woman beautiful
The Chanel headquarters and the [kanbon] shop in Paris are being done business now.

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Designer in Chanel

Designer of Chanel, Chloe, and Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld and Karl Lagerfeld.
He is a trendsetter person of the key mover and the fashion industry that revives Chanel.
Karl Lagerfeld is born in Humburg in Germany in 1938.
The feature is to wear always black, big sunglasses.
Drawing the age and the design picture in 1952 migrates, and favorite Karl Lagerfeld persuades parents and migrates to Paris at the age of 14.
His talent is admitted at 16 years old 1954 year, and it wins the championship in the court section of the design contest of the IWS sponsoring.
(International Wool Secretariat is shown with IWS. )
Afterwards, it works at the shop of Jean Patou and Pierre Balmain, and it advances to the world of independence and pret-a-porter in 1963. Karl Lagerfeld was selected by the designer of Fendi, and made the name of Fendi famous as a worldwide fur brand in 1965.
And, it assumes the position of the designer in Chanel in 1983. The Ryobe gate of pret-a-porter and haute couture was handled in Chanel.
The brand and Karl Lagerfeld of Karl Lagerfeld are started in 1984, and sophisticated adult’s line is invented.
1986 year was won the [de] doll prize, and returned to Chloe’s designer in 1992.
The designer and Karl Lagerfeld in Chanel are the people like this who spend all my abilities on the fashion brand, and succeed. He is called the expert of the magician and the total look of heavily clothed.
The depth of the history that cannot be talked without the one and him who has magnificent Chanel today is understood.

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No.5 of Chanel

The perfume and NO5 of Chanel are the perfumes that Chanel announced for the first time in 1921.
The fifth of Chanel is sensual, beautiful the bottle, too and can say the king of the perfume the smell by one of the famous perfumes even in Japan.
Marilyn Monroe is a serif with now a very famous word only of several drops on the bed as for No.5 of Chanel.
No…smell..feature..magic..have..very..mysterious..smell..as if..womanly..symbolize..think.It is a perfume that wraps any woman with elegant atmosphere, and demonstrates the charm of the woman.
The smell of a top note is called a Grace production neroli and the smell of the orange blossom, the ilang-ilang of Comoros islands [san], and the smell of the aldehyde drift.
The smell of the middle note changes into the smell of the Grace production jasmine and [ro-zudou;me].
The smell of the base note is reunion production [vechiva-] and a sandalwood.
In not only the perfume but also the line of No.5 of other Chanel, No.5 of other various Chanel such as Chanel No.5 velvet body cream, Chanel No.5 sensuality touch, and Chanel No.5 [miruki-bodei;misuto] is progressed. The body powder etc. become fine powders sericeous the smell of soft Chanel No.5, and give the skin a smooth feeling. It uses it to make them lightly become familiar with the skin to which it dries after it takes a bath with the puff.
The body cream etc. are also popular in the cream finished up in a smooth skin.
Enriching is given to the skin, and the smell of Chanel wraps a creamy texture gently.
It uses it massaging it gently to the whole.

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Matelasse of Chanel

The matelasse of Chanel indicates the shoulder backing announced in the 1930′s.
At that time, the handbag was a main current in woman’s bag. However, because Chanel proposed this shoulder bag, it suddenly becomes a popular model.
The face is a matelasse where it is beautiful, elegant, and durability had both.
It might have been projected onto this backing that the ideal of Coco Chanel was a female image.
Please let me introduce the matelasse only a little here. The matelasse has the handbag and the tote bag besides the shoulder.
..white.. Chanel is knit, it crowds, and it suits an elegant ..matelasse mini-Boston.. style, and a usually lovely style well. The material is mini Boston that knits the matelasse handle with the lambskin skin tape and is crowded.
The silver trim on both sides is the points, and the designs with feeling of luxury and robustness.
The fastener with the CC charm favors the existence of Chanel. The pocket with a big CC stamp has adhered to both sides, and the pocket is two places, and besides one do ..portable putting.. place, and very easy-to-use backing. This model is a high summer latest model in 2007. Hot time of summer is to show it to freshness.
Another is a Chanel matelasse shoulder.
This design is also small and it is very popular. The color is cute pink, and backing of the shoulder with gorgeousness and cuteness. The matelasse favors woman’s beauty momentarily of the acquisition.
It is recommended in the design where a double pocket has adhered internally and the detailed one can be stored.

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[Kanbonrain] of Chanel

It was named [kanbonrain] of Chanel from the name of the street where Coco Chanel had opened maison first. Be the CC mark boldly distributed and becoming now a standard line of Chanel, and the feature to stitch big peculiar.
There are a porch, a handbag, a tote bag, and a shoulder backing in [kanbonrain] of Chanel. The simplicity favors Chanel though it is a simple design.
[Kanbonrain] favorite of me is a tote bag.
The serial number is A28126. This backing has [kokoma-ku] from the reception desk to the side.
Shoulder..strap..make..choke end..Chanel..esprit..production.The size can beautifully store the A4 print, and is 33×30cm in width in length. The best tote bag for the commuting going to school etc. is fashionable and popular among the woman.
Because it is a style of [machi] none, it refreshingly shows it. It is a design that is given the device internally, and is sprinkled with the logo of a vivid orange.
The material is a high-level [**] bull leather, and the silver color metal fittings have adhered. The color is a beige.
An open pocket is lucky internally, and the fastener pocket is lucky of one place and the pocket and the penholder for one place and the cellular phone are lucky by two places, too. Because the back pocket is attached, too it is recommended in an easy-to-use design.
Besides, the Zip shoulder with [kanbon] and the flap pocket is also recommended. Because [kokoma-ku] is a limited edition model of the Python material, and a long shoulder strap, it is possible to put it on the shoulder as it is. A diagonal rather short is lovely, and disregarding is fashionable and lovely, too.

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Wild stitch of Chanel

As for a wild stitch of Chanel, the chic, powerful externals feature. Popularity from the age group with wide elegant atmosphere is obtained. I think that I take an active part as backing usually used or backing that has it in going out and the party. I want to introduce the recommended backing from among the line of such a wild stitch.
Because the person who has it too much is a little, the wild stitch enamel tote bag of Chanel is recommended.
As for a high-level line and the enamel tote bag of Chanel, the material is made from the calf of the highest class.
The surface of the body is a coating of enamel, and the stitch of the diamond handles of Futoshi eyes is charm [setekuremasu] in elegance as for the entire backing.
It is a magnet type used easily and a tote bag of the bucket type. The zip pocket is internally, one place the hook type pocket exists, one place the pocket of the opening exists, and there is applying one place. It is backing of the must see to the aim of dressing up on one rank.
Moreover, it is a design that uses the handbag easily and is elegant. The color can use the design that a beige, wild stitch enters [sofutoka-fu] in the black regardless of the age. Moreover, this backing is a steering wheel that uses the calf with the chain and goodness in Chanel looks better.
[Kokoma-ku] of the gold metal is in front and two pockets are attached. in the fastener opening and shutting
Because it is a size where the thing for which the size is necessary is installed, it is possible to have it easily. I think that I can enjoy various coordinations because this backing is a very simple handbag though it is Chanel of a gay impression.

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Sports line of Chanel

The sports line of Chanel was also still new the history, and appeared in 2000.
It is a line popular the refined design to consider present, and to sell the winter youth all immediately whenever it is born in the purpose, and put the new work where a high functionality and the waterproof property are had both on the market. It is popular one among the place that the design is simple, and not worried throwing into the fashion in the age about.
An active scene also includes the porch, the shoulder bag, the waist pouch, the handbag, the tote bag, the rucksack, and Boston bag, etc. by backing of the Chanel sports line of a new sense to which the mode taste is taken. Because a lot of sports lines also are early the rotation, and have the design, a favorite color and easy-to-use shape can be chosen. The price aspect is a price bought easily. It is backing of course that can be used even on business, it recommends it in play.
Tote bag (ch-ba-0136) of the Chanel sports line is one of the collections that represent Chanel as well as [kanbonrain]. A casual design and the material feeling of the tote bag are selling all momentarily popular, and the designs of [o-punto-to].
As for the storage power, the storage pocket has adhered in the bag once around preeminently. Of my recommendation color is backing of the gray that the man and the woman can use. It is easy to match it to clothes, and it is a cool image, and the mesh part on the side is a pocket. Small articles can be separately stored, and the excellent one to which any scene is taken an active part.

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Travel line of Chanel

The collection of the nylon material announced in 1999 is called the travel line of Chanel.
Lightness and the storage power are popular collections. The Neutra bell line made from the nylon jacquard material was announced in 2001 afterwards.
After it puts it on the market, the person who has it with the collection of Chanel of popular also often sees a lot of Neutra bell lines also in the town. In the design that can be readily had for Chanel, the storage power that it is very light, and a lot of things enter is popular and secret.
Backing of the popularity in the Neutra bell line is Todt. It wants this backing, and the woman should become by you and understands because it is well matched in a classic dress often, and bag that can use daily.
The Neutra bell line is made on the nylon ground of the jacquard canvas, and the logo of Chanel is woven there casually. It is a casual bag not too hard.
The travel line receives an impression a little different from the current Chanel in a simple image though there is an image said that Chanel is gorgeous.
It will be able to be said that the travel line of Chanel is a line of one pushing that cannot take one’s eyes off more and more in the future.
Moreover, other items also include the mule etc. of the Neutra bell line.
The Neutra bell line handle of a simple design is an elegant heel. Charm ..leg.. [setekureru] ..beautiful.. though the seen feeling is fashionable. have the stability also by putting on feelingsIt is a mule to feel Chanel to be casual even in the detail.

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Chain bag of Chanel

The chain bag of Chanel elegantly produces the bag like symbolizing Coco Chanel’s fashion. Sexily and ..luxury.. bag are to demonstrate preeminent compatibility in dressing a dressy woman.
The chain bag of Chanel is popularly from a lot of women all over the world, and is called a design that Chanel represents. It is backing that suits a formal place very well where feeling of luxury overflows.
There are a lot of colors in the chain bag of Chanel, and the black is especially ..that.. popular.
It will be able to be said that the color matched easily to any coordination is a secret of one’s popularity in the black.
The chain bag of of my recommendation Chanel is a chain handbag, and the material is backing made from the canvas. The map of the Paris town is printed by very vivid, novel coloring’s using green and pink. It is a fresh good, for casual clothes seem well matched design.
Besides, Chanel No.5 chain shoulder is recommended. The color is a black, white two-tone, and a big key ring of five motifs is attached. Black leather knits for silver, it is a crowded chain, there is feeling of luxury, and the shoulder will be able to be matched also to a casual style.
The motif of 31 has adhered to ..CC.. mark and the other on the side of the bag and backing that appeals for the brand. It recommends it because it is possible to have it not tenacity but fashionable because the impression that the black and white two-tone are chic is given it to be Chanel and backing that understands at one view.

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Cleansing of Chanel

It is an introduction of the cleansing of Chanel. The cleansing of Chanel can look for the kind that I have according to the skin. Do ..moisture retention.. subfusc, there is a feature in each cleansing like whitening etc. , and it is recommended in the entire female.
- [Shanerushisutemureidou;ra] 150g
This cleansing ..keeping up.. becomes [shime] caring type.
The cleansing milk beautifully removes the make-up, and straightens the skin softly.
The Japanese syllabary milk ..not creamy it.. removes as the make-up is effective, and it ..delicate skin.. straightens it.
Dryness, and the skin is lucky and the best make-up remover of the umbrella in stretching.
The moisture level of the skin is improved while gently treating it kindly, and the smell is a faint, comfortable smell of the lily of the valley and the Chinese peony.
Please make the proper quantity become familiar with the entire face by the tip of a finger, and rinse the usage enough by water or lukewarm water afterwards.
It is also possible to wipe off by the tissue or cotton.
- Do the subfusc and it cares for this [shanerushisutemureekurashisutemu] type.
- This [shanerushisutemujurepyurute] type becomes a sebum caring.
- This [shanerudemakiyan;yu-antansu] type becomes an eye caring lip caring.
It is a make-up remover of two layer type for a gentle eye [moto] [**] to the skin.
- [Shaneruburan;esanshierukurenjingujeru]
- This [shaneruburan;esanshierukurenjinguoiru] type becomes a whitening caring.
Chanel where the cleansing can be chosen according to my skin is to become a beautiful, indefinitely can be beautiful secret.

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